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Your Wedding Arrangements



The church office will schedule a tentative wedding date and initial appointment with the minister. Within seven days of the initial visit, the couple must contact the church office to confirm the wedding date and time. Your wedding date will be reserved, and a deposit of one-half the anticipated fees is due one month prior to your wedding.


Pre-marital counseling is required and includes from two to four visits, at the minister’s discretion. It is the responsibility of the couple to schedule these appointments.


The bride must arrange with the church office for any additional time to decorate and open for flower delivery and if needed request a bride’s dressing room. Sanctuary may be open 1-1/2 hours before the service.


One of the loveliest and most meaningful occasions in the lives of two people is their wedding. We are pleased that you have chosen to be married here, at Middleburg United Methodist Church, for we consider the wedding ceremony to be a sacred experience, instituted of God, and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to join you in making your wedding a beautiful and memorable experience.


The Minister

The Pastor of Middleburg United Methodist Church will officiate at all weddings, unless other arrangements are made in advance.* The Minister does require pre-marital counseling with the couple in advance of the wedding. Details of the service will be discussed as well as the policies of the church concerning the wedding. * If the clergy is not United Methodist, then the Pastor will officiate and the visiting clergy will assist in the Wedding Service.


Book of Discipline 2532.3

Social Principles 166-166


Wedding Pamphlet
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