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Joining makes a statement. It's an act of commitment. And it changes things.

It changes how you look at Middleburg United Methodist Church. You are now more than a participant, you are a member. Because you belong, you find yourself drawn more deeply into our fellowship with all the support and nurture that brings.

It changes the church. You bring unique gifts and graces that will make a difference here. As an active member your ministry touches all of us.

Joining says you find this to be your spiritual home in this part of your journey in faith. When you join you make a commitment to be an active member of this church family.

New Member classes are held twice a year, in the Fall and Spring.

Topics covered in the class include, but are not limited to:

  • History of the United Methodist Church

  • Connectional System Itineracy

  • Middleburg UMC's Mission and Core Values

  • Membership Expectations

  • Worship

  • Q&A

Registration Form is available here.

Contact the church office for specific dates or follow the church Facebook page for scheduled events.

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