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Our church, first named Black Creek Methodist Church, was organized in the early 1800's. The families of Middleburg first met in each others homes and their pastor was a circuit rider. He came by horseback and visited every month or so depending on his circuit, the weather and the indians.


The property where the historic church now stands was deeded in 1847 by John Schuefler. George Branning donated the lumber and the labor came from slaves owned by Branning and Osias Budington. The church has wide clapboards on the exterior and wide random-width tongue and groove boards on the inside. Nails were made by hand at a local blacksmith shop and can still be seen in the pews. The pews are mahogany and were finished by hand with a drawknife. Mahogany is not a native wood so it was brought in by steamboat. The bell, hanging in the steeple, was cast in 1852 and purchased in New York by George Branning. Its first official tolling was the death of Gorge Branning's son.


Other parcels of land were donated or purchased through the years. The Budington Building, a hospital ward from Camp Blanding, was donated by the Budingtons in 1951. The Sanctuary was completed in 1983 and the Family Life Center in 2004.


Rich in tradition, yet blessed in its simplicity, the Middleburg United Methodist Church continues to serve the needs of the people of Middleburg. We honor the dedication of past generations who saw the need for a house of worship and we are honored to carry on that tradition.


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