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When we preach the gospel to one another in a close-knit community, there is spiritual growth that changes us individually and as a whole. That change causes us to position ourselves for an outward focus and encourage gospel transformation in the communities outside the church walls.

OPEN DOOR  Sunday 945am


The Open Door Adult Sunday School group meets in the Portable at 945am. 

This group is currently studying a series on "Hope".  

A new series is started about every two months.

This is a discussion class and all are welcome.

The class is lead by John Dickerson.

CRUSADERS Sunday 945am


The Crusader group meets at 945am in the Study.


They start their class  with light refreshments, a short  story and a time of sharing.

The  material that is used is approved for United Methodist  Church

teaching.  This study is designed to help adults  understand the meaning

of the Bible for Christian life.  

This group is facilitated by Judy McNee.

We would love to have you join us on Sunday.

TEA TIME Sunday 945am


The Tea Time group meets on Sunday at 945am in the Choir Room. 

They are a mixed group of twenty something to older, walking the path that moves us closer to Christ.

The group is currently studying "Feasting on the Word".

This group is facilitated by Mike & Angela Whiteside.

BIBLE STUDY Monday 6pm


On Monday night at 6pm, there is a Bible study group that meets in the Portable and is open to all. Snacks provided, bring your own drink.

They have previously studied topics on the Story of Mark, Women in the Bible, Malachi, The Shepherd With Me, the Miracles of Jesus, 1st & 2nd Thessalonians, Taste & See, Nehemiah, ELIJAH, Amos and the Power of the Names of God. They recently took a virtual tour of the Holy Land.

This group is currently studying "Encounter the Spirit". 

This group is facilitated by Susan Hendry.

THE SEEKERS Sunday 945am
THE SEEKERS Monday 630pm


The Young Adult group, The Seekers, meets on Sundays at 945am and Mondays at 630pm in the Mongovi House.

This group is geared toward Young Adults, 18-30Individuals & families

All Young Adults (Age 18-30) are invited to join Tracey Scoville on Sundays at 945am and/or Mondays at 630pm in the Mongovi House. Tracey is excited to bring this group of “Seekers” together for fellowship and growth!

This group is facilitated by Tracey Scoville and Misty DiGiovani.

BIBLE STUDY Wednesday 9am

On Wednesday morning at 9am, there is a Bible study group that meets in the Historic church and is open to all.

No Food or drinks, please.

This group is facilitated by Sandra Wilson.


Out with Zumba and IN with Joyful Movement!
Join us in finding the JOY in the way we move our bodies.
Every Thursday from 5-6pm in the FLC

The cost is FREE

This group is facilitated by Mary Murphy.

CRAFT CLASS Tuesdays 1pm

Come enjoy fellowship and crafting on Tuesdays in the Portable at 1pm.

Each class will start with a prayer or devotional. Then we'll jump right into our projects. This class will work on projects like granny squares, watercolor painting, ornaments (save your Christmas cards!), hanging towels, bead work, modeling clay, book marks, wood craft, painting, quilting, jewelry making and many more.


All are welcome to join. Even if you have littles with you. Or if you are tight on time, stop in for the devotional and then grab the materials to take and make on your own time!

This group is facilitated by Bonnie Martens.

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