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Great Beginnings

As we move into a time of pastoral transition please lift up the following weekly prayer during each time of gathering (i.e. Committee meetings, Sunday School, Bible Study, etc.)...


Great Beginnings


As we step into the future, we have prayed for each of our senses to be attuned to God. We have acknowledged that His creation of us carries a little of His image – we have asked to hear with His ears and see with His eyes. We have asked for help to spread the sweet aroma of Christ to others, taste and appreciate all He has provided, and extend our welcoming touch as Christ would have us do. We wait with eager hearts as the Holy Spirit fills our pens with ink to begin a new chapter in our church’s history book.



Dear God, let us put on Your full armor to protect us from the devil’s evil schemes. Give us individual strength to stand against his deterrents and temptations, and united strength to overcome and be victorious in Your holy name.

We wear the Belt of Truth and Breastplate of Righteousness to show ourselves loyal to the blessed Trinity. Our feet are fitted with Readiness to travel endlessly as we share the gospel of peace. Our Shields of Faith, once shiny and new, are now well-worn, warped and pitted with arrow strikes where the devil attacked again and again, trying to deter us. We proudly wear the Helmet of Salvation as a testimony to observers who are seeking The Way. And with rigorous conviction, single-minded determination, and fearless persistence, we wield the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Help us be alert, mindful of Your commands, and ever watchful for Your return as we help one another along the path. We will fight to keep Your name high and lifted up as a banner before us.


We want to be warriors for Your kingdom. Amen. 

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