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Sister Church

A relationship between Mayorkin Methodist Church, Cuba & Middleburg UMC, Fl, USA


We affirm our bond in Jesus Christ, and our historical Wesleyan ties; we propose this relationship in Christ with one another. We acknowledge our partnership for greater service to the mission of God and a stronger witness to the love of Jesus Christ.  We pledge ourselves to focus our efforts on these priorities of our two churches:

To pray for one on another.

To engage in interchange of people on the churches.

To build relationships between our two churches. 

To mutually share the history, current events, culture and spirituality of both churches. 


Sunday Service

Sunday Service on March 20th in Cuba at Mayorkin Methodist church.


Children's Ministry

Children participate in Services at Mayorkin Methodist church.

cuba church generator.png


The generator they were able to purchase with your generous donations.

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