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Mission Trip : Cuba


In May 2018, a team from Middelburg United Methodist Church will embark on a Good Will trip to Cuba.

The team will visit our sister church in Mayorkin, Pastor Sergio Arturo, his wife and 3 children.

They will also be visiting our former sister church pastor, Enoel Guterierez, his wife and family at the Methodist Seminary.

They want to take some much need supplies for our sister church.  Items such as clothes, shoes, antibiotic creams, lice treatments, and hair dyes. As well as crafts and VBS type materials for the church's children's classes. 

Sizes are noted on the board in the narthex with some suitcases to fill.

This visit is very important to show how much we love our sister church and the people of Cuba. They live with such few material possessions. 


Please consider sharing by providing supplies or a monetary donation.


The most important way to support this mission is to pray.


Thank you for your love and generosity.  God bless you!

If you have any questions, please contact Craig Van Gundy at 904-838-9414​

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